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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pinoy Taste

Filipinos compared to other Asians have different taste in many things. We have a distinct taste in food, fashion and interests. With food, most Filipinos would crave for something that is spicy and tasty like pork adobo, sisig (sizzling), pancit (noodles), caldereta and sweet and sour fish. Usually these types of foods require rice to eat them and we call it our heavy meal. We also love to cook fish and meat with vinegar like paksiw: a fish cooked in vinegar and other spices like black pepper, garlic and onion. Using vinegar in cooking is so common here unlike in other countries they seldom use it as main ingredient for their cooking. For snacks and other lighter meal, Filipinos prefer crunchy or crispy foods. Just like when Filipino fry a chicken, let’s say the breast part, we fry it until it’s brown and crispy unlike westerners, they like their chicken cooked in low fire and serve it tender and juicy. Filipino teenagers and also older ones who still have strong teeth love to eat chicharon or chips and dip it with vinegar. Dipping with vinegar is so common and some foreigners find it funny because it's unusual, they prefer mayonnaise and cheese or other type of sauce for dipping. With that, I can say that Filipino taste is more on salty, sour and spicy combination for food. It is also part of our daily lives to have a break and have some snacks which we call merrienda and it falls mostly at 3 o’clock pm. Every family would buy snacks and eat together. The most common merrienda are sweet bread, cooked banana, pancit (noodles) or any other easy to cook food. Within the neighborhood, you will always find a mom selling merrienda. The thing about Filipinos is, we can eat without so many requirements and we are happy as long as we eat together with our family.

I have learned so many things about the differences between a Filipino and non-filipino when it comes to food and cooking. Just one example is that Filipino sauté, boil and fry foods. We don’t do much of broiling or baking. We, Filipinos have a nice kitchen and another one that we call “dirty kitchen” which is not really dirty. Probably a little messier because that’s where we cook through wood or charcoal. Isn’t it really interesting to realize these differences? I find it really interesting to talk about and it makes me proud to be a Filipino. All of these is part of my daily life and part of who i am. We live a simple life and we are different from many but we are not definitely indifferent people.


Stephen said...

Never been Pinoy before. But I believe it is different with other ASEAN countries.

Nice blog.

Rocky Lemuel M. Garcia said...

I love sizzling foods.

Argentum Vulgaris said...

Hi Pammyboobs, are you going to post recipes of typical filipino food here?


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teguh said...

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Alice said...

Hi there.
I'm so happy that I've found this blog. Because I live with Filipino flatmates now, I'm interested in your culture.
Especially your post about new year's day is really good! I talked to my flatmates about your tradition today. The content is almost same!
I look forward to more introduction about your culture.
Thank you.

+ why don't you allow to comment about all your posts?